LUCIUS D. CLAY KASERNE, WIESBADEN, Germany (June 7, 2013) -- The reins of 5th Signal Command were entrusted to a new leader at a change of command ceremony held at the Newman Housing soccer field.

The Dragon Warriors of 5th Signal Command along with nearly 300 guests said farewell to outgoing commanding general Brig. Gen. Bruce T. Crawford and welcomed incoming commander Col. Mitchell L. Kilgo. Kilgo accepted the colors from United States Army Europe's Commanding General Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell, Jr. Kilgo also assumes duties as USAREUR's Chief Information Officer/ G6.

"Brig. Gen. Crawford, you are absolutely leaving 5th Signal Command in a superb state of mission readiness for Col. Kilgo. Be proud of that and all that you've accomplished," said Campbell during the ceremony.

Campbell also had a few words for Mrs. Crawford, "Dianne committed much of her time to volunteer service and setting a shining example for the Families and spouses of 5th Signal Command and the Wiesbaden community. Thank you for all you have done and the entire Crawford Family will be greatly missed. "

After the passing of the colors, Campbell welcomed the Kilgo family to 5th Signal Command. "We are extremely fortunate to have just the right officer and family team continue this critical and ever-evolving mission of 5th Signal Command. "

Crawford said during his farewell remarks, "With the deepest sincerity and appreciation Dianne and I thank you all very much for loaning us both your time and your hearts over the past 23 months, and for being here today to share yet another great moment in this organization's brilliant and storied history."

"It has truly been an honor and a privilege to have been counted in your ranks and included as a part of your Family here in this special place on God's green Earth called Europe," said Crawford.

Crawford served 23 months as 5th Signal's commanding general and will assume duties as the chief communications officer, J6, for U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany.

Kilgo comes to 5th Signal after serving as the U.S. Africa Command executive officer in Stuttgart. He was also the previous commander of 5th Signal's 2nd Theater Strategic Signal Brigade.

"To the Dragon Warrior and USAREUR G6 team, I pledge to you my best every day, I will always treat you with dignity and respect and together we will deliver everything this theater and our Army demands," said Kilgo during his remarks after taking command.

"We will use the Army Values and fundamentals as a basis for everything we do, and I look forward to building upon the success of this illustrious command. I bring to this challenge a love of country, a love of Soldiering, and 26 years of service preparing me for this moment. I look forward to our time with great anticipation, Dragon Warrior 6 signing onto the net," said Kilgo.

5th Signal Command, headquartered on Lucius D. Clay Kaserne, is the Army's largest active duty theater signal command.