Stiegler is a procurement analyst in the Oversight Branch of Huntsville Center's Contracting Directorate. She reviews acquisition documents to ensure they are in agreement with all regulatory, statutory and policy requirements. She also serves as a conduit between the directorate's Business Oversight Branch and the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting in Winchester, Va.
Stiegler also has held positions as a procurement clerk, purchasing agent, contract specialist, small business specialist and procurement analyst at Huntsville Center.
Her work in the center's Oversight Branch supports Goal 4 of the 2013 Army Corps of Engineers Campaign Plan.
By engaging in continuous process improvement, she is able to mentor new contracting team members. Keeping abreast of policy changes and industry updates helps to build resilient people, teams, systems and processes to sustain a culture of collaboration, innovation and participation to shape and deliver strategic solutions for contract vehicles.
Stiegler has seen her share of commanders coming and going at Huntsville Center, 13 to be exact. For some, this can be a negative; but Stiegler points out she is proud to have worked for the Corps for such a long time. She attributes the seven Army Values as her inspiration for staying at the center.
"I think the Army Values are especially important for those who serve in contracting jobs," Stiegler said. "Demonstrating the values of Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage are all important, and have definitely helped me succeed in my career. However, I've always made a special effort to demonstrate loyalty to the corps throughout my career."
Stiegler said her greatest challenge in her current position has been keeping current with ever-changing policies. However, it is equally important to pass this information on to others in the center's contracting directorate.
In 2005, Stiegler deployed to the former USACE, Gulf Region Division, where she worked as a contract specialist, delivering innovative contingency contracting solutions alongside Soldiers and local nationals.
For Stiegler, it was an added plus to work under the current USACE commander, Lt. Gen. Thomas Bostick, who was then serving as the commander of the Gulf Region Division. She said she had an amazing time during her deployment to Iraq.
Stiegler said what she loves most about her current position is that she gets to help train the next generation of contracting professionals. More specifically, she likes to mentor new or less experienced team members.
Team member Melanie Braddock, also a procurement analyst in Huntsville Center's Business Operations Branch, said Stiegler is a great mentor.
"Laura is a dedicated employee with a vast knowledge of how things have been done at the center down through the years," Braddock said. "Our team can benefit from this knowledge and experience. Since joining the BOB team, she also has taken great pride in keeping up with the myriad of changes in contracting. She has become a trusted resource for information for our staff."
Michelle Copen, a contract price and cost analyst on Contracting Directorate's BOB team, agreed. She said Stiegler took her under her wing when she came to the directorate last fall as a new employee.
"Laura talked with me to get an idea about how much experience I have in contracting. She shared her knowledge with me and explained how Huntsville Center works," Copen said. "She made me feel like I am part of the team. She makes herself available to me and is always willing to answer questions."
Stiegler said she wants to continue passing along everything she knows about procurement and contracting to others until she finally decides to retire. However, she isn't sure when that day will come.
"I've learned so much over the past three decades," Stiegler said. "It's great having a job that allows me to share this knowledge with others on a daily basis. I love my job!"