Army publishes IT reference architecture for Thin/Zero Client Computing

By Army CIO/G-6June 12, 2013

Army publishes IT reference architecture for Thin/Zero Client Computing
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WASHINGTON (June 12, 2013) -- The recently published the Thin/Zero Client Computing Reference Architecture is the second of five Army IT Reference Architectures or RAs that direct development of standardized, interoperable, and consistent IT solutions across the Army.

The new RA is version 1.0 or v1.0 and standardizes thin-client devices across the Army at select CONUS installations. Future RA versions will encompass the Army-wide enterprise. With Thin/Zero Client Computing, a user's applications, data, processing, and storage are hosted on an Installation Processing Node.

Published by the Army Chief Information Office/G-6, the new RA will be used by program executives and managers within the office of the Assistant Secretary of Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology or ASA(ALT), and by architects and engineers who plan and execute computing solutions.

In November 2012, the Army published the RA for Identity, Credential, and Access Management or ICAM, v1.0. ICAM allows the Army to certify the identities of all human and non-human entities trying to access Army information and facilities. In the near future, Version 2.0 will be published as the Identity and Access Management (IdAM) Reference

Architecture instead of the ICAM RA.

Other RAs to be published this year are Unified Capabilities (UC), Single Secured Architecture (SSA), and Network Operations (NetOps).

The five rules-based RAs are increasing infrastructure interoperability and IT asset visibility, streamlining acquisition processes, reducing costs, and accelerating deployment of services. The RAs establish a core set of functional and technical requirements and boundaries to be applied across all operating environments.

All Army RAs align with the DoD Information Enterprise Architecture v2.0 (Aug. 2012), DoD Reference Architecture Description (June 2010)--the authoritative sources for DoD architecture governance-- and with the DOD Core Data Center RA v1.0 (Oct. 2012).

The RAs are part of Army IT management reform which is focused on governance and agile acquisition--all of which will help realize efficiencies of $1.5B per year by the end of FY2015.

In early 2012 the Army published two appendices to "End-State Army Enterprise Network Architecture" which provides guidance to move the Army to a single, secure, standards-based network. Appendix A focuses on Technical Architecture and Appendix D on the Deployed Tactical Network. The publication is part of the Army's overall guidance to improve security, inform network procurement, enable unity of effort, and reduce complexity. Appendix C, Common Operating Environment (COE) was published in late 2010.

The "End-State Army Enterprise Network Architecture" base document and Appendices B, E, and F will be published by Sept. 2013. Appendix B provides guidance for the Army Installation Network (Post/Camp/Station); Appendix E for Information/Mission Assurance; Appendix F for NetOps architecture.

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