FORT STEWART, GA -- Soldiers in the Warrior's in Transition Battalion are benefiting from some new changes to their duty hours. Currently their duty hours have been reduced from ten-and-a-half-hour days to eight-hour days.
"Due to the influx of Soldiers returning from the desert, the warriors now start physical training at (7:30 a.m.)," said Lt. Col. Tyra White, commander Warrior Transition Battalion. "This gives the warrior more time to prepare for the day and the staff more time with Family members."
White stated that pushing back the hours for physical fitness training for these Soldiers proves to have a great effect to their morale.
"Again, we are being compassionate toward the healing and caring of our warriors," White said.
The Soldiers know that the change is to benefit their health and quality of life.
"Because of the medication I take, I need as much sleep as I can get, and with the hours being pushed back, I have a little bit more time to get some sleep," said Pfc. Alexander Getty, Company C, WTB.
More opportunities for Warriors in Transition are also underway. Soldiers are encouraged to either go to school or take up employment in different agencies on the installation.
"We are working together with the Soldier and Family Assistance Center to get jobs for the Warriors. A lot of Warriors are transitioning back to the civilian environment. With the work experience, we're transitioning them to be better prepared to function in the civilian world," White said.
White also mentioned that there are many Soldiers transitioning back to the units and the emphasis is being put on Soldier skills, especially those that cater to these Soldiers' military occupation specialty. She has taken these and other initiatives to make sure Warriors in the WTB are well taken care of.