WASHINGTON (Army News Service, April 26, 2013) -- An application called "Coral Reef," which is part of the Army's larger "Distributed Common Ground System - Army," was named one of the "Top 5" among 25 top technologies and efforts of 2012 by C4ISR Journal.The Coral Reef software allows users of intelligence to better understand relationships between persons of interest. Users of the software first gain access to the portable electronics devices of targets -- devices such as GPS receivers and cell phones -- and then upload information gleaned there to the Coral Reef software."This award is a perfect example of why both our small and large industry partners are so important to the Distributed Common Ground System - Army team," said Col. Charles Wells, the program manager for DCGS-A. "Each member has a critical and unique role to play to support our Soldiers."Recipients of the award were the Army's Distributed Common Ground System-Army program as well as contractor 42Six Solutions.The Coral Reef software is part of DCGS-A, the Army's primary system for the posting of data, processing of information, and dissemination to all components and echelons of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information about the threats, weather, and terrain.The DCGS-A system provides commanders the ability to task battle-space sensors and receive intelligence information from multiple sources, and facilitates "seeing" and "knowing" on the battlefield.The system contributes to visualization and situational awareness, thereby enhancing tactical maneuver, maximizing combat power and enhancing the ability to operate in an unpredictable and changing environment throughout the operational spectrum.