SAN ANTONIO (April 5, 2013) -- Transitioning Soldiers have access to many kinds of resources as they prepare to enter the post-military phase of their lives. Many of those are available at Army Career and Alumni Program offices on installations.

For Soldiers without regular access to an installation, however, the resources and tools needed for a successful transition might not be readily available -- or available at all. This applies to many Reserve and National Guard Soldiers, but could also apply to Soldiers recovering from injuries or illness.

To address the need for widely available transition resources, the Department of Defense created the Hero2Hired program as a central, user-friendly resource for Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard service members to connect with military-friendly companies who want to hire them.

H2H has an array of interactive transition tools, including military-to-civilian skills translation, education and training resources and lists of employers, as well as a mobile smart phone app. H2H is provided through the Department of Defense's Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, which currently is revising and expanding its scope due to demand for the program.

H2H offers the following valuable job search tools:

• Search for jobs -- If you know the name of a company that is registered with H2H, just type it in the search box and it will narrow down your search;

• Military Skill Translator -- You can enter your Military Occupational Code to get a list of career paths that most likely to fit your military training and experience;
• Career Assessment Survey -- If you're not sure what you want to do, H2H offers a short skills and interests survey to help you determine what career types fit best with your background;

• Advice and Training -- This tool provides helpful tips on job-hunting techniques, interview preparation, and resume building, along with information on school offerings, certificate and training programs, apprenticeships, financial aid, and more;

• Hiring Events -- Find local hiring events in your area or attend a virtual career fair online from home. Or search a database of jobs and speak directly with employers from the comfort and convenience of home. The only requirement is a personal computer with internet access.

The H2H website is intended to provide transitioning service members with one more way to access the tools and information needed to step out of the combat uniform and into a new civilian career.

The H2H site is located at this link: Go to the site; set up an account and look around to find out how H2H can help you find your next job. If you have any questions please contact Mitchell Lee G3 I/ST 210-466-0123 / 210-722-4721