Given sequestration and on-going budget uncertainty, the Department of Defense has taken a number of steps to reduce spending. This includes the suspension of ALL aerial demonstrations to include flyovers, jump team demonstrations, aircraft static displays at civilian air shows and events as well as at military open houses.

These steps were taken to conserve personnel, equipment, aircraft, and flying hours in order to meet operational requirements and pre-deployment training.

Non-aerial support (color guards, bands, equipment displays, etc) to community relations events is limited to those events within a 100-mile radius of an Army installation. Any support to events within the 100-mile radius must also be at no additional cost to the government.

While the Army recognizes community relations support activities have a high value for recruitment, public engagement and the demonstration of national pride, these benefits were weighed carefully against the Army's ability to support the warfight and wartime demands placed on these assets.

Thank you for your understanding.