20th CBRNE

20th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Command


The 20th CBRNE Command (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) integrates, coordinates, deploys, and provides trained and ready CBRNE forces. Capable of exercising command and control of specialized CBRNE operations to support joint and Army force commanders primarily for overseas contingencies and warfighting operations, but also in support of homeland defense. Maintains technical links with appropriate joint, Army, Federal and State CBRNE assets, as well as the research, development, and technical communities to assure Army CBRNE response readiness.


  • Full time focus on combating WMD, countering CBRNE threats and defeating all types of IEDs - tactical through strategic command and control joint, Army and other government agencies' specialized WMD/CBRNE analytic, staff and operational forces

  • Force provider of trained and ready expeditionary CBRNE force packages to execute the wide range of combating WMD missions

  • Reachback communications connectivity from field to subject matter experts at headquarters, national level laboratories, industry, academia or other State/Federal CBRNE resources

  • Core element of Joint Task Force for Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction (JTF-E)


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