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Today's Focus Content Guidelines

STAND-TO! "Today's Focus" topic is sent out as the strategic Army focus for the day. The intent of a STAND-TO! Today's Focus topic is to provide information and background on issues that support the Army Campaign Plan and key Army Senior Leader initiatives/subjects/issues. The Army Campaign Plan directs planning and execution of Army operations and transformation within the context of ongoing strategic commitments, and it integrates a broad range of transformation initiatives and institutional processes, which accomplish the Army mission and achieve the Army vision.

Basis of Selection

STAND-TO! Focus Topics must be classified under one of the Army's lines of effort to achieve its mission focus of being a strategic communication initiative — refer to the PowerPoint - 'Alignment with the Army's Line of Efforts'.

Content Guidelines - PDF

Today's Focus Format Guidelines

Request for scheduling of submissions for the “Today’s Focus” section of STAND-TO! should be done one month in advance of the expected time of publishing. All submissions should be staffed to ensure clearance and approval of the material. The approved submissions should be sent in no later than one business week prior to the scheduled date of publishing.

The submission content must be between 350- 400 words and in paragraph form. The submission content should be authored to provide a brief overview of a topic of choice or to feature a certain subject or issue of an office or organization. Links to relevant websites should be used for any additional information relating to the feature.

The submission paper should include:

  1. Approving commander’s name
  2. The submitting PAO’s name and contact information
  3. The author’s name
  4. Expected time frame for publishing

Format Guidelines - PDF

Fact Sheet

STAND-TO! is the "Official Focus of the U.S. Army," contains a daily focus of news, information, and context for today's Army. It has a mission focus of providing a broad, objective view of the Army and current Army operations, doctrine and programs.

STAND-TO! plays a critical role in the U.S. Army Office of the Chief of Public Affairs' strategic process to communicate Army relevant issues. Launched on October 7, 2004, STAND-TO! now has more than 11,000 subscribers, including all general officers, senior executive civilians, and command sergeants major. Anyone can subscribe. Information contained in STAND-TO! is unclassified and cleared for release. Sources include publicly available, authoritative Army documents as well as input from the Army Staff and major Army commands.

One-page in length, it features a focus issue, quotes from senior leaders, news relating to the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense, views from around the world, as well as blogs containing the opinion of Army Soldiers, Army families, veterans and media. Internet links provided in STAND-TO! lead to both Army and external online resources. See the "External Links Disclaimer" for more information on Army policy concerning external links.

STAND-TO! a strategic communication email instrument, effectively disseminates information to its audience. STAND-TO! reaches audience at a higher rate than both the government and industry standard rate for similar instruments.

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What General Officers are saying about STAND-TO!

"This is the kind of strategic engagement effort that costs little, but pays big dividends." - LT. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick, commanding general, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"STAND-TO! is one of the best strategic communication tools the Army has ever put on the street. I am up to speed on general current information, plus conversant in the most relevant issues facing the Army."

"A masterful job of capturing the hot issues in town and around the Army."

"Keep up the great work with Stand To!...we're reading it every day down here in the 3rd Infantry Division…" - Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo

What others are saying about STAND-TO!

"This (STAND-TO!) is the best coordinated messaging forum we have. " - Stephen Oertwig, Strategic Initiatives Group, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management

"He (SecArmy) loved to read STAND-TO! every morning." - Senior NCO in Sec Army Pete Geren's office

"STAND TO! ... over the last few months ... made a TREMENDOUS impact on our STRATCOM efforts here (AGC)!" - Jamal B.Beck, then chief of public affairs, U.S. Army Geospatial Center

"I wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for publishing the Stand-To! report every day. I always look forward to that email to see what is happening in the Army-world." - a STAND-TO! subscriber and Army National Guard wife

"One of my dear readers linked me to the Army's Stand-To website this morning because my blog is featured under the "What's being said in blogs" module! How neat! I really wasn't expecting to ever have my blog linked to anything, but that sure was a serious boost in my confidence!" - an Army spouse and a blogger whose blog was featured in STAND-TO! 'What's Being said in Blogs' section

"My blog had the highest views ever and it was amazing to think about all the people seeing what I wrote and how I feel." - An Army blogger whose blog was featured in STAND-TO! 'What's Being said in Blogs' section