President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Honor to former Army Capt. William D. Swenson, citing his extraordinary heroism in the Battle of Ganjgal, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Capt. William Swenson conducts an Afghan Border Police humanitarian aid air-drop to a remote, mountain border-village, March 2009. Capt. William Swenson at a pre-mission briefing in northern Kunar, Afghanistan, March 2009. Capt. William Swenson leads Afghan Border Police members as they board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, May 2009. Capt. William Swenson looks out at the rough terrain of Eastern Afghanistan from a Black Hawk helicopter. Capt. William Swenson sits in Task Force Chosin mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle while conducting a shura, October 2009.
Remarks from the President of the United States

"The Battle of Ganjgal was ferocious. And it was tragic. And we lost so many good lives that day. But following the violence, and the death, came inspiration. And we were inspired by those who fought there, by those who would not accept defeat."

John M. McHugh, secretary of the Army | Read More.

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