FORT HUNTER LIGGETT, Calif. -- Your Humvee breaks down, you're out of MREs, who you gonna call?

Not Ghostbusters!

For this kind of help, you will need the hard work and many hats of the 3-356th Logistics Support Battalion, 402nd Field Artillery Brigade, Division West. This Army Reserve unit has played an integral role in the success of Division West's 189th Infantry Brigade during its mobilization to Fort Hunter Liggett in support of the 91st Training Division's Warrior and Combat Support Training Exercises.

"Our specific missions are to provide maintenance on all vehicles the 189th Infantry Brigade trainer/mentors use, along with the transportation assets to and from the airport and back, as well as all base camp maintenance functions," said Maj. Steve Messenger, 3-356th Logistics Support Battalion executive officer. "Specifically, (we handle) contract management, fueling, water support, (food), MRE issue and any other on-call logistics missions, to include recovery (of vehicles) out in the training area."

While most reserve component units bring all of their Soldiers together once a year to train full-time for a few weeks, that has not been the case for this particular logistics support battalion.

"This is the unit's first group annual training in 10 years," said Messenger, "so it's really the first time our staff has worked together as a team. Our maintenance guys are actually turning wrenches daily, and it's nice to see the team doing their mission on a daily basis. They do, on average, about 14 vehicles a day.

Soldiers in the logistics support battalion are learning new things every day during the exercises, Messenger said.

"We are establishing new processes and procedures that have never been in place before," Messenger said. "So far, the guys and gals have completed every logistics mission thrown at them."


Fort Hunter Liggett is the largest installation in the Army Reserve, with more than 160,000 acres of mountains, valleys, rivers, plains and forests. It provides ideal maneuver areas and state of the art training facilities.

The 91st Training Division, headquartered at Fort Hunter Liggett, trains and assesses Army Reserve units, and supports training for joint, combined and active Army forces. Thousands of Soldiers and dozens of units from around the country are participating in the April Combat Support Training Exercise, which provides realistic training for military maneuvers and tactics such as base security, convoy operations and battle reaction drills during simulated enemy attacks. The exercise provides realistic training to units to successfully meet the challenges of an extended and integrated battlefield.

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