The Army and Air Force Exchange Service completed renovations to the Mini-Mall on Reilly Road, Nov. 30, 2012.

The $4.5 million project, which started in March 2012, was conducted in three phases and included moving the AAFES Express inside the building, renovating and improving the Sports Store, removing Starcade, and relocating GNC to another area within the building.

"We saw a great opportunity to improve service because the Mini-Mall is mainly frequented by Soldiers in the surrounding area," said Anna Iosefo, general manager, Fort Bragg Exchange. "We had some food facilities that we wanted to take out because our customers told us they didn't care for them so we replaced them," she added.

The new food court dining area adds three new food concessions, Burger King, Wing Zone, and Subway to existing eateries, Manchu Wok and Charley's Steakery. Extreme Franks, Robin Hood and Greek Odyssey were removed.

"We feel there is an all star line up and Wing Zone is the number one food that our customers prefer, said Iosefo.

Along with the new food franchises, the food court was expanded, adding more seating and televisions for customers' entertainment while dining.

"We just needed to bring new life into the food court area," said Iosefo. "There are now nearly 400 seats available and 15 flat screen televisions for the customers, making it a more comfortable atmosphere," she added.

Some of the new items offered in the Express and its "Snack Avenue" is the roller grill, hotdogs, tornados stuffed bread sticks, hot deli sandwiches, cold sandwiches, salads and four types of sushi, cold drinks, a milkshake machine and a coffee bar.

"Our customers will likely be more satisfied with the lineup that we have in the Express now which serves everything from hotdogs to oatmeal," said Iosefo. "If they are in a rush it is a lot easier to grab and go."

The Sports Store is now an all branded sports clothing store which includes a firearm area, sporting goods, and camping and fishing equipment.

"We fine tuned the Sports Store into what our customers would want to purchase because we felt that not all of our customers were using all of the categories or purchasing from them," said Iosefo. "Now we created a branded sports store that carries Under Armor, North Face, Nike, 511, Adidas and specific brands and line ups that we will only get here exclusively," said Iosefo.

The Mini-Mall also added short term vending services for outside businesses.

"We are always looking for new businesses on a short-term basis and if our customers like them maybe we can do some long-term business," said Iosefo.

Customers can reach out through personal contact, customer comments and annually a customer survey which is based out of the main stores north and south post facilities.

"We encourage our customers to give us feedback because we don't want anyone to walk away unsatisfied," said Iosefo. "Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are satisfied."

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