Mountain view at Dugway Proving Ground

Cold Weather Precautions

Winter is upon us! Due to the extreme cold weather at Dugway, please follow the cold weather precautions listed below:

If you will be away from home for more than three (3) days, you will need to make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to periodically check your house (heat on, no water leaks etc.). If you will be gone for two (2) weeks or more, notify the Housing Office (3541/3542) and the DPG Police Desk (2933/2929) of dates you will be gone and the name of the person watching your house.

Do not set your thermostat below 65 degrees during any period of absence.

Do not leave your garage door open for any period of time. Garage doors need to remain closed to prevent water pipes from freezing and breaking. Tenants could be held financially responsible for repairs resulting from a garage door being left open.

Water pipes - even insulated ones - may freeze in the winter if the outside temperature drops below 10 degrees. A few simple steps will help prevent frozen pipes in extremely cold weather.

- Turn on faucets in the bathroom and kitchen sinks to allow a small trickle of water to run out. Moving water is less likely to freeze. A large flow of water is not necessary, but both the warm and cold faucets should be slightly opened. Often the hot water pipes will freeze and break because they are used less often.

- Disconnect outside hoses from all faucets, even if the water has been turned off.

- Make it a habit before going to bed to open cabinet doors surrounding pipes and laundry room doors to expose pipes to the heat (under kitchen sinks, bathroom vanity doors etc.).

Occupants are required to remove ice and snow from sidewalks and driveways within 12 hours of snowfall.

Parking on the streets is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. from 1 November through 28 February. Violators may be ticketed and/or have their vehicle impounded at the owner's expense. Streets must remain clear to allow snow plows to clear the roads.

Parking is limited to your assigned housing unit and overflow parking areas. Parking is prohibited at vacant houses.

Please contact the Housing Office at ext (435) 831-3541/3542 regarding any questions or concerns.

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