A total of 18 Stryker brigades have deployed to both OIF and OEF. Stryker vehicles have consistently maintained an Operational Readiness Rate well above 90 percent.

Warren, Mich. (Wednesday, November 28, 2012) -- Earlier this month, the Stryker Life Cycle Requirements Contracting Team received the 2012 Secretary of the Army Excellence in Contracting Team Award for outstanding Systems, Research and Development, and Logistics Support (Sustainment) Contracting.

"There were numerous submittals in this category, all of which exemplified contracting excellence in a teaming environment. Team Stryker's selection as the 'best of the best' is a tribute to your professionalism and drive to accomplish the mission, as teammates and colleagues with individual and unique talents that are enhanced by working together for a common goal in support of your customer, every day," said Harry Hallock, Executive Director of the Army Contracting Command, Warren, Mich. in an email congratulating Team Stryker on their award.

The Stryker team was nominated for the exemplary performance it demonstrated during the acquisition planning and pre-solicitation phase associated with the fiscal year 2013-2015 Stryker Life Cycle follow-on requirements contract. This effort was extremely complex as the entire program's complement of life cycle mission requirements are contained under one base contract, with performance enacted by the issuance of delivery orders that are linked to 13 distinct scopes of work.

"This means that Stryker has one contract with 13 different sections, each of which supports continued real time execution of the Stryker mission" said David Dopp, Project Manager for the Army's Stryker Brigade Combat Team. "The planning and pre-solicitation effort associated with this contract was complicated, and required careful orchestration across the organization."

The team's plan contained several key elements needed to execute the project from start to finish, including an integrated master schedule and defined project organizational resource charts. Team Stryker created a specific working group to focus on each of the 13 scopes of work --- that's right, 13 different working groups each responsible for their own scope of work, deliverables, and for developing, evaluating and negotiating all elements of the proposed contract -- a huge undertaking to say the least!

"This project was successful because of Team Stryker's ability to define and communicate the details of a highly complex and integrated project," added Scott Davis, the Army's Program Executive Officer for Ground Combat Systems. "Furthermore, in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost, the team defined and obtained approval to implement a staggered proposal submission and award schedule for each of the 13 distinct scopes of work, allowing the project to be managed within existing resources."

This contract will enable the Stryker Team to cost effectively continue it's mission over the next three years, to include key warfighter services such as: new equipment training, fielding, logistics support, engineering support and potential production.

"What is truly significant about this award is that it demonstrates the incredible attention to detail and adherence to best business practices that the Styker team goes through everyday. Our most important mission is to provide Soldiers with ground combat systems that are adaptable, versatile, and affordable, all while ensuring we provide the taxpayer with the kind of value they deserve," added Davis.

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