WAIANAE, Hawaii--For Deborah Johnson, moving into a newly-built house seemed like a far-fetched fantasy. But with the help of a few local friends, her dream drew closer to reality.

Friends from the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team's (SBCT) Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) and Habitat for Humanity worked together to help local residents get closer to their dreams of a new home during the "Build-A-Site Day" in Waianae, May 10.

"I am so happy to have them here," said Deborah Johnson, whose future home was being worked on. "They're actually helping our family in a lot more ways by coming here."

By teaming up, the organizations saved the family in construction and labor costs by completing some projects in the house that could have brought the price of the home skyrocketing out of reach for the Johnson family.

Five separate FRGs from 2nd SBCT helped by picking up debris, painting, caulking and landscaping the residence.

"All of these little projects can be very expensive," said Johnson. "We are working with the Habitat for Humanity and getting all the financial arrangements completed to move into the house."

By organizing this event, Jess "Superfrisa" Burmeister, 225 Brigade Support Battalion, FRG support assistant, the family members within the battalions got to work together for a great cause with an even better benefit.

"Everything worked really well today," said Burmeister. "It was good to have Deborah Johnson here to put a face to the house that we are setting up for her to move in, also the FRG team is having a great time and getting to know one another."

While volunteers worked hard on the site, other members from the Habitat for Humanity were busy setting up more material for future projects throughout the local community.

In August, the fifth annual Build-a-Thon will commence with the help of hundreds of volunteers like the family readiness groups of the 2nd SBCT.

"I think it is awesome that the FRGs are working with the Habitat for Humanity and I am so glad that I got to work with them doing projects like this," said Nicole Williams, with the 1-14 Infantry Battalion FRG, as she caulked the outside door. "This also helps the family readiness groups get closer together and we all have that team spirit."

The 2nd SBCT family readiness groups have been busy participating in events the last couple months for the family members who have loved ones deployed.

"This is an excellent team building for the FRGs with different battalions within the 2nd SBCT," said Maj. Adelaido Godinez, 2nd SBCT rear detachment commander. "I know this brigade is the best one in the Army."

Deborah Johnson wasn't scheduled to move into her house in Waianae until September due to construction costs and financial arrangements, but with the help of the volunteers from the FRG's in 2nd SBCT and the Habitat for Humanity, her dream of living in a comfortable, nice and affordable home with her family is now closer to reality than she could ever have imagined.

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