FORT STEWART, Ga. - "With the positive effects on performance, this training is not going away anytime soon," says Becky Sellars, Army Community Service Resiliency Team Leader for Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield.

Of the 125 persons eligible for graduation, 53 Stewart-Hunter individuals were present to walk away with their certificates Oct. 15 in Club Stewart. They also take with them the knowledge of the six resiliency competencies of self awareness, optimism, connections, self regulation, mental agility, and strengths of character learned during the four training modules.

Third Infantry Division Commanding General-Rear, Col. John Hort, was present to give congratulations to the class of Soldiers, Civilians, and Family Members.

"You have come together for yourself," said Hort. "If I may take liberty with the Bible, you can now become disciples for those who have not received this training."

The stress in the military today has affected us all, added Hort. "The Army is a great organization because of resiliency training. It has recognized potential weaknesses and addresses them with training such as this."

For one Garrison employee, the training was summed up with just a three-letter-word..."Wow"! Abraham Howell, operations specialist at Hunter Garrison Headquarters expressed how appreciative he was of the course. "It allowed me to take a closer look at the positive side, regardless of the situation. The training overlaps with my personal and professional experiences, as it taught me to be more flexible with customers and more open communications with my Family."

There is no cost involved for attendance. The next classes are scheduled for Nov. 5-8 and Dec. 3-6. No childcare funds are available. Persons may call Army Community Service at 912.767.5058 or sign-up online at the Team Stewart website.

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