USASAC 'professor' retires after 35 years service
Russ Neydl is presented a shadow box containing a U.S. flag flown on the 47th birthday of the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command from USASAC commander Maj. Gen. Del Turner during a retirement ceremony in his honor. Neydl retires with 35 years of service with USASAC and AMC.

NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa. -- The Security Assistance Command honored Russ Neydl, USASAC's deputy chief of staff, G-4, with a Sept. 26 retirement ceremony marking his 35 years of service with USASAC and Army Materiel Command.

Co-workers from the New Cumberland office, headquarters, the AMC life cycle management commands' Security Assistance Management Directorates, USASAC retirees and even other Security Assistance Enterprise members including program executive office and State Department representatives, came together to thank Neydl for his many years working for the security assistance community.

"The words his peers used most frequently to describe Russ were 'fair, mentor, professional and integrity,'" USASAC commander Maj. Gen. Del Turner said. Turner also praised Neydl for his selflessness and always placing service and mission first.

"Russ gets his authority from who he is, not from his position," Turner said when describing Neydl's leadership skills. Turner credited Neydl's selfless service and leadership of USASAC's G-4 during the past 11 years with the incredible growth and success of the foreign military sales program. Turner also noted Neydl is called "professor" because of his knowledge and ability to pass that on to those who worked with him.

"We have a lot of acronyms, but the one I heard most frequently here is 'WWRD,' which means 'What Would Russ Do?," John Neil, director of USASAC's Performance Management Office, and a long-time co-worker, said in describing Neydl's influence on the office and his characteristic-defining integrity.

Neydl was also recognized by the foreign security assistance liaison officers assigned to USASAC at New Cumberland.

"We appreciate all the assistance you have given us and your patience with the long meetings. … We all keep asking the same question but with a different accent," Col. Janib Zaher, who represented the SALOs, jokingly noted.

After the tributes, Neydl expressed his appreciation for being giving the opportunity to work at USASAC with the international community. Neydl told the group that a visit he made to the United Nations while growing up on the outskirts of New York City in the Bronx sparked an interest that would result in his career in security assistance.

"And after I completed my Logistics Intern training for AMC in 1977, I requested to be assigned to the U.S. International Logistics Command. It didn't happen at first, but the powers that be seemed to work and by summer I was at USASAC," he said.

Neydl paid tribute to his wife of 30 years, Sandy, who he credited with enabling his successful career. Neydl also referred to the song "Fingerprints," in describing the impact others have had in his development.

"Everyone you come in contact with affects you and leaves an impression," he concluded.
Neydl received the Meritorious Service Award, along with certificates of appreciation from the Department of the Army and USASAC. His wife was also honored with a certificate of appreciation. A special gift from USASAC was also given to Neydl by the command -- a flag flown over the Capitol, July 19, the day marking USASAC's 47th birthday.

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