MG Michael Terry, Commanding General, TACOM LCMC
MG Michael Terry addresses the workforce of the US Army TACOM LIfe Cycle Management Command.

Maj. Gen. Michael Terry hosted his first town hall with the TACOM LCMC workforce, Thursday, June 28, 2012 to a full house that included video links to 34 TACOM LCMC remote sites.

Maj. Gen. Terry kicked off the event by sharing a little about his background and his family. Terry hails from Pennsylvania and has been married to his wife Cathy for 24 years. They have three adult children. He has served in the Army for 33 years. Terry holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Scranton in law enforcement and a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College.

Fully endorsing the four TACOM LCMC priorities: Support to the Soldier; Strengthen the LCMC; Transform; and Strategic Partnerships, Terry said we'll relook at these in the future to see where we're at, what we need to improve, and what we need to sustain. We will bring everybody in on this - garrison, arsenal, and depots - to see the right way to go. He stressed his belief that unity of effort is at the heart of all we do. Keeping customer-focused will ensure that we keep our Soldiers well equipped.

Addressing the upcoming fiscal challenges, Terry pledged transparency.

"We know that money is getting tighter and tighter, he said. "We're working real hard to see where we can continue to execute our mission as efficiently as possible and make sure we support the warfighter as effectively as possible."

"As decisions are made about declining fiscal resources and how that affects the workforce, my commitment to you is to be transparent. As I oversee this I will not allow anything that will cause distrust in the workforce."

Citing the importance of family, Terry said, "I respect hard work, but I expect balance between work and down time."

As he wrapped up the town hall, Maj. Gen. Terry relayed the following message from the field - TACOM LCMC has always made a difference and he attributed this to the great TACOM LCMC people.

"Continue to be you," he said.


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