DoD MWR Libraries Summer Reading Program

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (May 7, 2012) -- DoD Morale, Welfare and Recreation Libraries will launch their "Reading is so Delicious!" summer program at Army garrisons in May and June 2012.

The libraries will host a range of free activities for children and adults to encourage and support a love of reading. Participants also can win prizes for reaching their reading goals.

"We've got a great program planned for having a deliciously good time at the Army garrison library this summer," said Carla Pomager, librarian at the U.S. Army Installation Management Command. "The rewards this year will make you smile."

This is the third year DoD is sponsoring a summer reading program to help keep school-age children active academically until school starts again in the fall. In 2011, nearly 62,400 children, teens and adults took part, 400 percent more participants than the first DoD-wide Summer Reading Program in 2010.

"I'm expecting a great turnout this year," said Bobbie Leggins, children's librarian at Fort Stewart. "I've already heard from parents who want their children to be involved."

There's also a serious side to summer reading. Research has shown that reading over the summer prevents summer reading loss, which slows the academic start in the fall.

"We know that students who read recreationally outperform those who don't," said Barbara Christine, chief of the Library Program for IMCOM. "Students read more when they can choose materials based on their own interests."

Participants can choose any book on any subject in the MWR library and have it count toward their prize. This program aims to not only increase reading for the summer break, but also drive a year-long thirst for reading knowledge.

"Our libraries are committed to supporting lifelong learning and educational enrichment for all our families," said Barbara Christine. "This summer program is great for children and adults by showing that our libraries are a center for excellence in their lives."

Readers are not limited to bound books alone. They can also use audio books and eBooks on their e-readers such as Kindle and Nook.

"We want to encourage reading no matter how and where it is done," said Pomager. "Our MWR library system is about fun, education and families."

If a child begins the Summer Reading Program at an Army Garrison and their family transfers during the program, they can complete the program at their new garrison.

"There is no reason to check out once school ends for the summer," said Pomager. "Unless you are checking-out at the MWR library."

Check with your local MWR library to find when their registration opens. To learn more about the summer adventure e-mail


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