FORT DRUM, N.Y. -- Fort Drum children have an opportunity to have fun, get their hands dirty and participate in scientific experiences during one of SKIES Unlimited's many kid-friendly classes.

"Grossology" was an immediate success following the first iteration last fall, according to Drew Boulter, Grossology instructor. During the class, children learned about the human body and made fake blood, blisters and sores out of household items.

The Grossology class fulfills every aspect of SKIES Unlimited, which stands for Schools of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills, Boulter added.

"Grossology is a combination of anatomy and physiology and performing hands-on chemistry experiments to help better understand (the way the body works) in a fun way," he explained. "The children who come to our classes will get a head start in the basics of these subjects, which are usually not focused on until high school."

Boulter, who has taught the last three classes, said because the first class was so popular, SKIES scheduled more Grossology classes this year.

"The thing I enjoy most about teaching the class is the fact that the children become extremely excited from learning about and performing experiments (relating to gross aspects) of the body," he said. "Kids can expect to have fun using chemistry while learning about different gross parts of the human body."

Some of the other experiments Boulter has presented to students include creating fake snot and fake poop, and learning about how the body digests starches and how soda damages teeth.

"I believe that this is an extremely good program that gives kids opportunities to use chemistry … at a younger age," Boulter said. "I want kids to see the fun in chemistry, anatomy and physiology. These were (some) of my favorite subjects in college, because I had teachers who made it fun and easy. This is what I am trying to do for these kids at a smaller level."

Deja Stevens, 8, who attended the November and January Grossology classes, said she loves the class.

"(At one class), we made slime that we got to take home," she said. "I really like science and stuff that's gross. It's fun. I get very excited when my teacher says we get to do science experiments at school."

Children must be at least 8 to take the Grossology class. The next session will meet March 17. The cost to attend is $8 per child, and parents must register their children by March 15.

For more information about SKIES Unlimited, call 772-0629.

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