1st. Lt. Ashely Gray

FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Today is a great day for the Army Nurse Corps. One-hundred, eleven years ago, Congress passed the Army Reorganization Act, which established the Army Nurse Corps as a permanent corps of the medical department.

The ANC has come a long way since then, and I could not be more proud of being a part of it.

In 1947, the ANC was authorized permanent commissioned officer status for members of the Army Nurse Corps from the grade of second lieutenant through lieutenant colonel. And who would have thought 100 years ago that we would have a female Lieutenant General Army Nurse Corps officer in the position of Surgeon General?

I have two words for that -- "amazing" and "inspiring."

Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho has been a very positive advocate in Army medicine for the Army Nurse Corps and gave us the Patient Caring Touch System. That system gives Army nurses better ways of taking care of our patients. Nurses used to work "for" the doctors and providers instead of working "with" the doctors and providers. The PCTS has made a huge impact on how we administer care to the population we serve, allowing the patient to be in charge of the team.

The Army Nurse Corps' professional evolution reflects not only the need and requirement for a transformational Army, but also it expands roles in support of the health care needs of our nation.

Throughout history, the Army Nurse Corps has earned the deep respect and gratitude of the American people because of the dedication of our nurses in providing the best possible care to our Soldiers and their Families.

As our Soldiers defend freedom across the globe, they can rest assured, should they get wounded or become ill, an Army nurse will be there. Over time, the Army's mission has grown, yet there has been one constant -- the devotion of the individual Army Nurse in providing excellent nursing care.

Any time our nation calls: "Courage to Care, Courage to Connect, Courage to Change" -- Army Nurses always respond.

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