Commit to be Fit
Sandra M. Elliott, Winn ACH Physical Therapist

FORT STEWART, Ga. - The human body is an amazing machine, that we often take it for granted.

As the Summer Olympic Games approach, we realize that we will be able to witness some of those amazing things that the human body can do. The world will watch athletes who will engage in a battle of wills, and who will display powerful determination as they compete with the world's best.

What does it take to be committed to "win the race?" Many of us have set goals for this New Year. We have resolved to reach those goals, and in that quest, we find ourselves having to making daily commitments, putting one foot forward at a time, struggling at times to continue "the race."

Move forward with fitness

The word commit from Latin, means "to send together," something that plays out daily in our lives.

Each day we ask our bodies to perform multiple tasks that require the coordination of many parts and body systems. As it is with our vehicles that we drive each day, our bodies require some 'fine tuning' along the way to optimize "the ride."

Completion of even the simplest of tasks demands that each system works in sync with the other.

Our brain, the control center, works to coordinate each of these systems in a fascinating way. What we "feed" our brains matters.

Food is required for energy to 'run' our bodies, but what we put into our minds daily, through the thoughts that we focus on, truly matters as well. Resolve to 'feed your mind' with both good nutritional foods, but also with empowering thoughts. Find a buddy who will help to encourage growth in a positive direction. Resolve together with your buddy to be committed to your fitness goals.

Fitness fanfare

This week's fanfare goes to the individuals who participated in the MWR Aerobic Thon.

To the ladies (and men) of all ages, who came out with their fitness buddies, or who came alone, to Zumba, Hoola Hoop, belly dance, step, turn, dance, and hop. You are to be commended for your commitment to fitness. I was privileged to get to talk to some of you at my "Running Form and Fitness" table.

You inspired me with your curiosity, your questions, and your smiles.

Many of you made sacrifices in order to participate in the Aerobic Thon, and you empowered yourself and others by staying there for entire session.

You displayed determination, and you encouraged each other when fatigue could have very well made sit out on sidelines. Your commitment made you winners, and that commitment will carry you towards your fitness goals.

A second Fitness Fanfare also goes to Devon Bradley, the Fitness Center's Event Coordinator who helped to make the Aerobic Thon possible.

Inspirational Insight

Shalane Flanagan, who not only qualified this past weekend for the Olympic Marathon Team, but also crossed the finish line in first place, setting an Olympic Trial record (2:25:37), shared her thoughts: "I just wanted to make the team, but I love to win. When I made my move I wanted to make sure it was real and could sustain it through to the finish. I didn't want a wobbly legged finish."

Commitment requires the mindset of winner. Commitment leads to a strong finish. Commitment begins with desire and is renewed daily with determination. Commit today to "make your move," to make it "real," and to finish strong.

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