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FORT RUCKER, Ala., November 10, 2011 -- The Fort Rucker Environmental Office will celebrate America Recycles Day by holding an electronic e-cycling event Nov. 13-15 at the Recycling Center and post exchange parking lot to help raise awareness about recycling electronics responsibly.

The event is open to all residents and employees of Fort Rucker, as well as the local community, said Colleen Quinlan, hazardous waste program manager for the Directorate of Public Works.

"It's a very convenient and free way for people to recycle their unused electronics," said Quinlan. "Most places charge a fee to recycle electronics."

The event can help educate people on the hazards of improper disposal of electronics, said Quinlan.

According to the National Safety Council, lead and mercury from monitors and televisions are extremely harmful in landfills and the heavy metals can work their way into water supplies.

"Increasing awareness is so important," said Quinlan. "Too many people probably don't know they're harming the environment when they toss out old electronics."

Some examples of acceptable items include: computers and monitors, televisions, cameras, printers and cables, video games and consoles, phones, scanners, circuit boards and calculators. Most small appliances will be accepted to be recycled.

Microwaves, and larger appliances such as refrigerators, and government property book items will not be accepted.

Some of the items that are brought in to be recycled will be refurbished and reused, saving energy and reducing pollution, while other items will be recycled for their precious metals and other useful materials, said Quinlan.

"We made sure the company taking this equipment is [Responsible Recycling] certified," she said.

Those that wish to participate in the e-cycling event can drop off their electronics at two different locations: the Recycling Center, Bldg. 9322 on Third Avenue and Minute Man Street, or at the post exchange parking lot.

For more information, call 498-4050 or 255-0487.

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