BAGHDAD--Members of the Local Police Transition Team attached to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, "Griffin" Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, United States Division -- Center, hosted a gathering of Iraqi Police investigators from across Baghdad for a crime scene investigation training course Aug. 3 and 4 at Joint Security Station Justice, Iraq.

The two-day course, led by David Carpenter, a civilian police adviser with the LPTT and a Jacksonville, Fla., native, covered forensic evidence collection and tactical site exploitation, or taking evidence from a crime scene or suspect's home or work area.

The emphasis on CSI is a result of the LPTT's identification of the need for remedial training to bridge gaps in the IP's traditional skill set.

"Historically, police cases have been compromised due to improper evidence collection," said Sgt. 1st Class Roy Gibble, a military police platoon sergeant with HHC, STB, and a Wynonna, Okla., native. "However, with this training we expect to see some strong results, and Iraqi Police will have the required skills to manage crime scenes effectively and therefore help in the arrests and the legal process."

The CSI training was part of what is an ongoing initiative to create enduring capabilities within the Iraqi Security Forces and ensure they have the capabilities they need to effectively enforce law and order long after U.S. forces leave the country. It is designed to establish the skill sets and create a group of experts who can, in turn, train their fellow Iraqis to have a lasting impact.

The training began with a classroom portion which covered subjects from how to approach a crime scene and how to provide security and cordon off the site, to ensuring proper photography and cataloguing of evidence.

Culminating with a practical exercise on the second day, the training required IP officers to walk into a simulated crime scene and put into practice what they had learned--from start to finish.

"The Iraqi Police were eager and willing to train," said Sgt. Christian Alvarez, a military police team leader with HHC, STB and a Herington, Kan., native. "This is a strong indication of their ability to conduct independent security operations."

Upon completion of the course, the IP investigators were presented Certificates of Completion by Lt. Col. John Turner, team chief with the LPTT attached to the STB.

Even as the United States decreases its footprint in Iraq, many units continue to aggressively train their Iraqi partners, allowing for Iraqi Security Forces to manage and secure the nation, as well as create component trainers capable of passing their skills along to others.

"It makes me proud to see the Iraqi Police's hard work materialize, and I look forward to watching their success," said Staff Sgt. Henry Pogue, a military police squad leader with HHC, STB and a Vine Grove, Ky., native.

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