FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- The U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence, Fort Huachuca, is preparing for reduced Army budget cuts by prioritizing requirements on its Funding Priority List.
The FPL, a list of 12 USAICoE organizations' requirements compiled by the Directorate of Resource Management, was submitted for prioritization and approval to Brig. Gen. Gregg Potter, commanding general, USAICoE and Fort Huachuca.

"The purpose of the FPL is to identify projects and other requirements that are not included in the base budget," stated Tony Guthrie, USAICoE budget officer for DRM. The organization has the role of validating cost estimates and compiling project requirements into proposed priorities.

"The requirement validation and semi-final priorities are established by a series of Program Budget Advisory Committee reviews, with the directors, deputy commanding general, chief of staff and deputy of Training acting in major roles," Guthrie said. "At the senior PBAC review, the commanding general makes final determinations on priorities and funding."

Retired Col. Dennis Perkins, former deputy commander of Training for USAICoE, tasked Learning Technology to manage all aspects of the submitted interactive multimedia instruction and distance learning requirements.

To accomplish the tasking, Dr. Margie Eaton Law, instructional design lead for Learning Technology, stated that the organization's instructional design team conducted an analysis of courses ready for compliance with the U.S. Army Learning Concept for 2015.

"Learning Technology established a performance work statement to develop instructional products for organizations that submitted requests under the FPL," she elaborated.

According to Law, Learning Technology strategically requested funding for projects that are long-term and don't require renewal.

After receiving the training requirements from Learning Technology, USAICoE used its strategic plan and FPL to direct the distribution of funds.

"Not all requirements on the FPL were approved for funding, either because they were not validated during the PBAC reviews or there was insufficient funding to pay for every project on the FPL," Guthrie said.

USAICoE is required to obligate the funds by the end of Fiscal Year 2011.
"Learning Technology has already been awarded its share and has created additional performance work statements for three of its funded projects," Law said.

Among the 12 organizations with funded projects were the Military Intelligence Captain's Career Course, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Culture Center, Noncommissioned Officer Academy and Training Development and Support.

Learning Technology is responsible for monitoring projects funded through the FPL.
For more information on the FPL's training projects, contact Law, 538.8186 or

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