Redstone Arsenal building certified green
Redstone Arsenal's most recent addition to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is for building 4400 on Martin Road, which includes the Army Materiel Command and Army Security Assistance Command headquarters.

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala., Aug. 25, 2011 -- The Army has always considered itself green, and its requirement for construction of all new Army facilities to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification ensures that its buildings are designed and built to improve energy and environmental performance.

Redstone Arsenal's most recent addition to LEED certification is for building 4400, which includes the Army Materiel Command and Army Security Assistance Command headquarters.

"The construction review was completed and certification was awarded with a silver rating July 27," Mike Edwards, AMC project manager for the building 4400 Base Realignment and Closure construction, said. LEED ratings are based on points that reflect a silver, gold or platinum score. LEED uses strategies intended to improve performance in areas such as energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved environmental quality and stewardship of resources.

The 4400 complex received its highest LEED scorecard ratings for "indoor environmental air quality" and "energy and atmosphere."

According to the U.S. Green Building Council which oversees the certification, "Green building occupants are healthier and more productive." Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's The Total Exposure Methodology, or TEAM, Study, people in the U.S. spend, on average, 90 percent or more of their time indoors and green buildings typically have better indoor air quality and lighting.

While the initial investment for a LEED certified green building may be higher, the perceived benefits include decreases in operating costs.

"Everybody appreciates the savings," Cliff Crivello, USASAC G 1/8 director and the command's BRAC coordinator, said. "This (LEED certification) was one of our goals in the design and construction of this building, and to complete this final milestone is good news for everyone."

The building construction contractor, B. L. Harbert International, was responsible for completing the LEED certification, but both Edwards and Crivello also credit the AMC, USASAC and Garrison team members from Redstone with supporting all the efforts in making the BRAC construction of building 4400 a timely and Army "green" effort.

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