Enlisted spouses club recruits at bowling center
Jen Rivera helps her son prepare to roll a strike on bowling night Monday. The Belvoir Enlisted Spouses Club hosted the event.

The Belvoir Enlisted Spouses Club recruited new members at the Bowling Center Monday night. Five members and one prospective member came with their Families.

“For a Monday night, I think it was a good turnout,” said Amy Altersitz, club membership director. “I think we were hoping for a little bit more, but it was a good turnout to start with.”

Of the members who came, two of them are new to the club and said they came out to show their support and hopefully meet some new members.

“It’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and eat junk food and throw some balls around,” said Carolyn Fitzwater. “The club kicking in for the game makes it more enticing, but it’s nice to get out with the kids.”

Fitzwater joined the club in June because, as she said, the culture at Belvoir makes it a bit more difficult to meet other wives, compared to other installations she and her Family have been.

“Here is a little different, because everyone is separated and your house isn’t exactly set up for you to meet your neighbor,” Fitzwater said. “So, we need organizations like this for women to come out and see that everyone’s doing the same thing and going through the same thing.”

She said she has already seen one of the benefits of being a club member.

“Even on Facebook right now, there are a couple of husbands that are in the hospital, and we’re making sure the child care is taken care of,” said Fitzwater.

Jen Rivera, who’s been on post since the end of March, joined the club for the benefit of meeting other enlisted spouses, but was also impressed with the passion for the club that Altersitz and her colleagues conveyed.

“You can tell they really believe in the club and want it to expand,” said Rivera. “I definitely want to keep it going.”

For July, the club is waiving its normal $15 entry fee.

Altersitz said she is encouraged because a lot of the new and prospective members have asked her when the next monthly meeting is, as well as the club’s upcoming promotional events.

She said she is expecting a good turnout for Saturday’s Step’n Out event at the Lewis Village Community Center. Each guest is to wear their high heels.

“I haven’t heard of the numbers, but I know people are talking about it a lot when I look at our Facebook page,” said Altersitz. “A lot of the women are looking forward to wearing their shoes.”

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