Major General Robert B. Abrams stands with Kimberly Newsome, youth sports coach volunteer, as she receives her Star of the Marne award certificate at Club Stewart, May 11.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - Fort Stewart honored installation volunteers at Club Stewart, May 11, and at the Hunter Army Airfield Departure/Arrival Control Group, May 12.

Major General Robert B. Abrams, 3rd ID commander, provided the remarks. He acknowledged many programs would not exist without volunteers.

Some program examples that rely entirely on volunteers are coaches for the Child, Youth and School Services; instructors for the Army Family Team Building, and instructors and volunteers with the Family Readiness Groups. Volunteers save the installation over $300,000 each year.

This amount is low because many volunteers do not record their hours.

Major General Abrams and Command Sgt. Maj. Edd Watson presented the installation's Marne Spirit Awards to 71 Stewart and 16 Hunter volunteers who went above and beyond. The Marne Spirit award is a one-time award to recognize those who have exceeded expectations and improved the quality of life in their volunteers' area.

The Star of the Marne Award was presented to volunteers who served from March 2010 to May 2011. Fort Stewart recognized more than 1,100 volunteers and Hunter recognized more than 600 Hunter volunteers. At Hunter the American Red Cross and the United Services Organization was presented the Star of the Marne Award for provided unwavering dedication and commitment to the Soldier's, the Families and the mission. The awardees were from a wide-array of volunteer areas, including Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers volunteers, Garrison Housing Mayors, Family Readiness Group leaders, Fort Stewart School volunteers, and Army Family Team Building.
In his remarks, Major General's Abrams' read a poem:

The All American Volunteer: Listen my people, and you shall hear, a story of the All American Volunteer. It all began back many a year, with the midnight ride of Paul Revere.
Volunteer Soldiers, and many many more, built America from shore to shore. Why is America such a wonderful place' Because volunteers are the base! Volunteers share their talents and time, for their efforts they ask not a dime! They serve their cities, county, or state. The value of their services are hard to rate. When called to duty, their response is quick. They rock cradles, serve hungry, and heal our sick. To try to set measure would be a waste. There is not dollar value that can be placed. Why do so many people serve as volunteers' There are so many reasons, some bring us to tears. For whatever their reasons for serving may be, volunteers are the answer and always will be. There isn't enough money to pay for what they do. Just remember to say "Thanks" when they come to help you!

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