LETTERKENNY, Pa. - Letterkenny Munitions Center, along with Letterkenny Army Depot, recently took steps to reduce congestion on the highways and help the environment through vanpooling.

The initiative is a result of Executive Order 13150 Federal Workforce Transportation, directing all Federal agencies to implement a Mass Transportation Benefit Program to qualified federal employees for commuting costs incurred through the use of mass transportation and/or van pools.

The program was first developed as a test program to offset the cost of commuting to the various federal agencies within the Washington, D.C., area. From there, it grew to other federal agencies, and has blossomed into an effective program for all federal agencies and their employees. The purpose is to provide reimbursement for mass transit commuting costs which are available to all civilian, military, and Non Appropriate Fund Army employees.

LEMC Civilian Pay Specialist Donna Horton took it upon herself to form a committee of LEMC and LEAD employees to research and implement the vanpooling program for both organizations. This program benefits both LEMC and LEAD in that it reduces fuel consumption, reduces the carbon footprint, reduces overall traffic congestion and also helps reduce the amount of vehicles that are entering and exiting the depot on a daily basis.

Some of the LEMC and LEAD employees that participate in the vanpool travel as much a 65 miles one way to come to work. Prior to joining the vanpool, some of the employees were driving to work by themselves. With the vanpool in place, these employees now have the ability to travel with coworkers to LEMC and LEAD this helps to reduce fuel consumption, the carbon footprint and creates a safer commute to work.

LEMC and LEAD took possession of six, 15-passenger vans to begin this green initiative Feb. 16, 2011. The vanpooling started on March 1, 2011, with at least 100 employees participating. The vanpooling has the potential of saving the employees $300 per month in fuel savings. The employees are very excited about the program and doing their part to support the green effort of DoD.

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