Two members of the Vietnam Veterans of America Incorporated, Chapter 671, lay a wreath at the base of the Vietnam Veterans memorial, March 29, during the Vietnam Veterans Day ceremony at Emmet Park in Savannah.

SAVANNAH, Ga. - From a distance it looked like a group of bikers were loitering in the park. Many were wearing leather jackets with large logos on their backs, their faces worn and their expression solemn. But this wasn't a biker group. They were men and women taking part in the Georgia Vietnam Veterans Day ceremony, March 29, at Emmet Park in Savannah.

"Events like these remind people of the sacrifices that were made and gives us a chance to tell our story," said Robert Taylor, the president of Chapter 671 of the Vietnam Veterans of America Incorporated. "The worst thing that can happen is to let people forget."

The ceremony included a firing party from 603rd Aviation Support Battalion, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, and the 3rd Infantry Division's band. Colonel Peter Hoffman, Chief of Strategic Partnerships for the 3rd ID, was the guest speaker.

"This ceremony is important particularly because it is for the Vietnam Veterans," said Col. Hoffman. "We take very good care of our veterans now but the Vietnam Veterans are just now feeling appreciated. Events that we do in honor of their sacrifice helps to bring the closure not only they need but we as a nation need."

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