Specialist Sarah Ramirez tandem skydives from 14,000 feet with her instructor at Rockmart, Ga., March 12. The skydiving event was coordinated by the BOSS program, a program geared toward single Soldiers.

FORT STEWART, Ga. - As the chill from winter's cool air is taken by the springtime sun, Soldiers from Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield had the opportunity to fall from the sky, feeling firsthand the air of the changing seasons.

Soldiers participated in the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program skydiving trip at Rockmart, Ga., March 12. They began their adventure early Saturday morning, where approximately 36 Soldiers tandem jumped from an airplane at 14,000 feet.

"This was my first time skydiving," Spc. Sarah Ramirez, 293rd MP Co., 385th MP Battalion, said. "I was really anxious; I was one of the last groups to go. There was a lot of wind in my ears and face, but it was pretty awesome."

Specialist Ramirez is the BOSS representative for the 293rd MP Co. She learned about the skydiving trip while distributing the information to her company. However, Spec. Ramirez was not the only Soldier who skydived for the first time with the BOSS program that early morning.

"Skydiving for the first time was a blast," Pfc. Patrick Lindstrom, HHC, 4th Brigade, said. "At first I was a little shaky, but the feeling was pure adrenaline. It was an experience of a lifetime."

The long road trip to the skydiving farm was well worth the excitement and adrenaline rush for the Soldiers. After experiencing their first jump, Spc. Ramirez and Pfc. Lindstrom said they would skydive again given the opportunity.

"The next trip we go on, I will be there, guaranteed," Pfc. Lindstrom said. "The jumper I was attached to, spun me around, and showed me the view. The view was amazing."

Following the skydiving event, here's a tip for females interested in participating in future BOSS skydiving trips, tie your hair up.

"I wore my hair down," Spc. Ramirez said. "When you're in the air, it's very windy. It was like a blow dryer, except 10 times stronger. So, my hair was knotted up. But, it was still fun."

The BOSS skydiving trip was one of many events made available to single Soldiers throughout Stewart-Hunter.

"We have a mission," Sgt. Frank Carson, Stewart-Hunter BOSS president, said. "The mission is to keep morale up for the Soldiers. We want to make sure our Soldiers are treated the same way as we treat our Soldiers that are married."

"Come out and have fun," Pvt. Daniel Siqueiros, 369 Armor, 1st Bde., said. "It beats staying at the barracks, and it's a great opportunity to do something fun."

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