Soldier Hard
"Soldier Hard" (with microphone) gets First Sgt. John Blas (in ACUs) and other Soldiers from the 32nd Medical Brigade on stage at the Hacienda Recreation Center after his Feb. 11 performance.

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- Approximately 150 Soldiers from the 32nd Medical Brigade experienced a moving performance by "Soldier Hard," a recently discharged Soldier who travels the country giving inspirational and motivational concerts to other Soldiers.

Suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder after serving three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sgt. Jeff Barillaro found music is the only way he can deal with the condition he lives with.

The highly charismatic ex-Soldier motivates and inspires his military audience with his words of wisdom to the young Soldier audiences he performs for. The music of his Soldier Hard alter ego is mostly rap, and gains the Soldiers' attention with his original words and music.

Barillaro, from San Francisco, has auditioned for "America's Got Talent" and may soon appear on that TV talent show.

At the end of the performance, Soldier Hard asked Soldiers in the audience to join him on stage and wear one of his free T-shirts for a group shot. The group of Soldiers gladly filled the entire stage to show their appreciation for an evening of learning, being entertained and brilliantly motivated.

"I have never seen a group of Soldiers so taken by an entertainer as entertaining as Soldier Hard," said Raymundo Hernandez, Hacienda Recreation Aide. "You could feel the inspiration and motivation that the Soldiers were experiencing."

Soldier Hard is sponsored by AVET Project, a non-profit organization whose goal is to focus on the plight of today's military men and women as well as the sacrifices their Families make in order to keep our country free from terror threats.

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