The Fort Carson community gathered Tuesday to remember Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy during the annual observance held at Elkhorn Conference Center.
Since 1986, America has recognized the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. and honored his achievements in the civil rights movement.
Martin Luther King Jr. is considered the formative figure in the modern fight for civil rights and his legacy looms large in the works of all those who follow in his cause, said Staff Sgt. Roderick Reed.
"Dr. King pushed America to fulfill its promise of equal rights for all. We honor his life and his legacy by recommitting ourselves to keeping his dream alive," Reed said.
Chap. (Lt. Col.) David M. Brown, deputy garrison chaplain, said there are few individuals who have had such a wide ranging impact on the life of America.
Brown emphasized the importance of the theme of this year's observance, "anyone can serve."
"It's a thought that opens up for us that the entire world is a place where we can make a difference; the place where we can effect change; the place where we can, by working together, build upon the dream of what America can be, what our world can be - remembering, as Dr. King taught us, that social justice must begin with social awareness," Brown said.
"Dr. Martin Luther King said it simply this way 'anyone can be great because anyone can serve.'"

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