Dogface Soldiers
Sergeant John D. Oshon and Sgt. Raymond Irizarry, Jr., of the Personal Security Detachment, Headquarters and Headquarters Support Company, Division Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, team up during a mission in support of the parliamentary elections, March 7. The Soldiers provided security support to Iraqi Police during the national elections in Hamadi Shahab, Iraq.

<b>CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE SPEICHER, Iraq</b> - Task Force Marne units in United States Division-North successfully fulfilled their supporting role to the Iraqi Security Forces as Iraqis went to the polls to vote for the next leaders of their country, March 7.

It is estimated that more than a million Iraqi citizens voted in Ninewa, Kirkuk, Salah ad-Din and Diyala provinces, contributing to an extremely successful election.

Soldiers throughout the task force assisted their Iraqi counterparts by securing outer perimeters of the area to add another layer of protection for the Iraqi citizens.

In Hamadi Shahab, where there were 2,350 registered voters, a team of Soldiers from the Division Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division were asked for their assistance.

The Iraqi Police have been taking a lead role in joint missions such as this one.

"We are here to provide security and observe guidelines that have been put out," said Pfc. Anthony D. Ford, from the Personal Security Detachment, Headquarters and Headquarters Support Company, DSTB, 3rd ID. "While working hand in hand with the Iraqi Police, we are helping make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens to (prevent) a peaceful voting process."

The security detachment made its presence known in the days leading up to the election by conducting foot patrols through the village and searching outlying areas for potential threats on Election Day.

"We go out to provide security because there are some people that might oppose the whole process of voting, oppose one candidate or another," Pfc. Ford said. "We are going to make sure that nothing gets out of hand, that we can maintain the peace, and it can be a peaceful voting process without interruptions."

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