Uncle Sam Wants You
Uncle Sam Wants You

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Army News Service, Sept. 13, 2007) - In less than one month, Columbia's Army Recruiting Battalion has enlisted 130 active duty Soldiers and four Reservists under the "quick-ship" $20,000 bonus currently offered by the Army.

The bonus incentive applies to non-prior service enlistees who sign for at least two years service and agree to report to basic training before Sept. 30.

Recruiting battalion commander Lt. Col. Antonio McCoy is happy with the results so far.
"We've achieved a lot of success with the quick ship bonus incentive," he said. "The program has made it possible for those applicants who are on the fence to make a definitive decision about joining the Army and serving their country. I'm proud and excited for all those who have enlisted."

Since inception, nearly 95 percent of all Army enlistees have qualified for and accepted the "quick-ship" bonus according to Army Recruiting Command.

The bonus, unlike others, is not military occupational specialty specific, and can be combined with other incentives such as the Army's Loan Repayment Program or the Army College Fund. Half the bonus is paid upon completion of advanced individual training with the remainder disbursed over the course of the Soldier's enlistment.

South Carolina's newest recruiting station celebrated its grand opening on Aug. 30 in Lexington, though it's actually been operating since March.

Station commander Staff Sgt. Bert Feltner said the six-man office has enlisted 19 Soldiers, three of whom will receive the "quick-ship" bonus.

"Things are going pretty good now," he said. "It was a rough start, but since more people know we're here, business has improved."

For more information on enlistment bonuses or other Army opportunities, log on to <a href="http://www.goarmy.com" target="_blank">Go Army</a>.

(Heath Hamacher serves with Fort Jackson Public Affairs.)

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