The Aviation and Missile, Research, Development and Engineering Center is proud to announce that it has a new Rising Star!

Dominique Davis, Security Specialist Intern, Security and Intelligence Office, was honored as a Technology Rising Star during the 15th Annual Women of Color Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Conference held October 29, 2010 in Dallas, Texas.

According to the Women of Color website ( the Women of Color STEM Conference recognizes outstanding women in the STEM fields and provides excellent opportunities for professional development, networking, and recruiting.

Davis said "I didn't realize how important being a recipient of the award was until I was there amongst all the other recipients, it was such a humbling experience. "

Davis began her career as a summer hire employee before continuing as a co-op in the SI Office, AMRDEC. In 2009, she graduated from the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Normal, Ala., with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration concentrating in Management Information Systems.

As an intern, Davis is learning all the aspects of Security and Intelligence.
"Davis has earned an excellent professional reputation as a Security Specialist and is often requested to support other security offices. She is an invaluable asset to our security team," Sharon Boclair, Director, Security and Intelligence Office said.

She assists Security Specialists and Intelligence Specialists in areas of current intelligence, information, personnel, and operation security, technology protection and industrial security and is responsible for providing operations security guidance to engineers on the essential elements of friendly information.

"Davis was the AMRDEC SI representative for the security education training awareness working group for the Redstone Garrison. Normally high-grade employees sit on the SETA panel, but Davis was requested based on her knowledge and expertise," said Boclair.

Davis has been designated an Ambassador for the AMRDEC Outreach program working with the AMRDEC Outreach Coordinator.

"She works to create interest in science, technology, and engineering activities in local K-13 community as it is related to personnel security," said Boclair.

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