<b>Award-winning "My Training Tab" offers one-stop training resource</b>

<b>What is it' </b>

The "My Training Tab (MT2)," available to users at <a href="http://www.us.army.mil" target="_blank"> Army Knowledge Online (AKO) </a>, pulls together all web-based training resources on a single, customizable page. To access MT2, click "Self Service" near the top of the AKO home page and then "My Training," or go to <a href="https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/50" target="_blank">My Training Tab on Army Knowledge Online </a>.

The easy-to-use MT2 tool allows Soldiers, commanders and anyone with an AKO login ID to find class options, training record details and a variety of other U.S. Army training tools and information. Completed in April, the revamp is earning positive feedback from visitors and Army leaders alike. In recent months, the My Training Tab won the Army Knowledge Management Award for technology as well as "Best of AKO-platinum" for outstanding innovation of an AKO portal page.

<b>What has the Army done' </b>

The U.S. Army's Combined Arms Center-Training (CAC-T) directed the revamp to make the My Training Tab a more effective training support website. The improvements were led by CAC-T's Army Training Support Center (ATSC) team, with assistance from the Army Training Network, Headquarters Department of the Army G-1, Headquarters TRADOC, AKO and Combined Arms Center representatives, among others.

Because the My Training Tab is accessed through AKO, the summary is automatically tailored for the individual. Visitors can use "Customize View" near the top of the MT2 page to select and arrange preferred gadgets, including Army Training Requirements and Resources System training records, training guidance documents, guides to recurring Common Military Training and links to the <a href="https://atn.army.mil" target="_blank"> Army Training Network,</a> Army Training Help Desk, Army Learning Management System and MilSuite.

<b>What does the Army have planned' </b>

MT2 ties the Army's self-development, institutional and operational training domains through a single access point. CAC-T is continually working to enhance features, tools and gadgets available through the My Training Tab. Future upgrades will include moving to a function-based approach and providing a "rucksack" capability that delivers common military training and other products that the individual regularly uses. The MT2 team encourages visitors to suggest improvements that will help enhance the website's value and effectiveness as the Army's primary training support resource.

<b>Why is this important to the Army' </b>

Great training support is only effective if potential users are aware of and utilize the tools and features. As the U.S. Army moves away from persistent conflict to longer dwell time, individual commanders will have more direct responsibility for and control over their unit's training. Additionally, more training will be done at home station. MT2 is designed to bring together the various training support resources in a single location for commanders and others to use.

<b>Resources: </b>

<a href="http://usacac.army.mil/cac2/cac-t/" target="_blank">Combined Arms Center-Training Website</a>

<a href="https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/50" target="_blank">My Training Tab on Army Knowledge Online </a> (requires AKO login)

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