Battle Command Training Program wraps up Army exercise in Hawaii
FORT LEAVENWORTH, KS - Operations Group Delta of the U.S. Army's Battle Command Training Program recently deployed to the Hawaiian island of O'ahu to support the 25th Infantry Division's Mission Readiness Exercise prior to their 12-month deployment to Iraq. During the exercise, Operations Group Delta observed and trained division staff members to help prepare them for a myriad of missions-sets that they will encounter while deployed. Chief of Observer/Trainers, Lt. Col. Gordon Richardson commented that the Observer/Trainers did a great job coaching and teaching the 25th Infantry Division staff. "This resulted in the unit getting better each day," he said. "We were honored that we could assist in their training event in preparation for their deployment." Operations Group Delta team members also conducted two after action reviews with their counterparts, one during each week of the exercise, to provide feedback on how they are conducting training. Of note, this exercise drew senior leadership from across the Army, including Gen. George W. Casey (Chief of Staff U.S. Army), Lt. Gen.Frank G. Helmick (18th Airborne Corps Commanding General), and Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon (Pacific Commander). Gen. (retired) Dan K. McNeill, who serves with BCTP as a Senior Mentor, a kind of highly-experienced observer, noted: "The attitude toward learning and taking in new concepts has been extraordinary. The training value-added which BCTP has brought to the unit has been tremendous." Operations Group Delta also used the 25th Infantry Division Mission Readiness Exercise as a team-building opportunity. While the Mission Readiness Exercise was very taxing for both the unit and the Observer/Trainers, during a couple of the rare breaks team members enjoyed local recreational opportunities such as snorkeling, hiking, deep-sea fishing and jogging. While in Hawaii, Delta enjoyed an Officer Professional Development opportunity at the Battleship USS Missouri and received an extended tour of the ship. Mike Pagano, military liaison for the USS Missouri Memorial Association, took time out of his schedule to act as tour guide and provide the team with an excellent experience. Members of the team were able to view gun-turrets, crew quarters, dining facilities and the location where the Japanese signed the surrender terms which marked the end of World War II. The USS Missouri, currently moored in Pearl Harbor, served in combat during World War II, Korea and the First Gulf War. "This was a great team building opportunity in Hawaii for not only team members but also where family members could join us," said Col. Michael McGuire. "An added benefit is the unique opportunity to revisit one of the more historic landmarks in our nation's history, that being Pearl Harbor." Based at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., the U.S. Army's Battle Command Training Program provides training for commanders and staffs so they can fight and win in a wide spectrum of warfighting environments. BCTP, which is part of the Combined Arms Center-Training, provides experienced and knowledgeable trainers employing sophisticated simulations to maximize unit readiness. To learn more about the Battle Command Training Program, visit

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