1st Inf. Div. Spouse Pens Book on Army Wives
Janelle Mock, wife of the 1st Infantry Division's Sgt. Steven Mock, has written "Portraits of the Toughest Job in the Army: Voices and Faces of Modern Army Wives."

FORT RILEY, Kan. (Army News Service, Aug. 27, 2007) - Hoping to share the everyday moments of ordinary Army wives, Janelle Mock penned the book, "Portraits of the Toughest Job in the Army: Voices and Faces of Modern Army Wives."

Mrs. Mock, who is married to Sgt. Steven Mock of the 1st Infantry Division's 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, currently lives in Sammamish, Wash., a Seattle suburb where she grew up. The book details the stories of Army wives - their fears, hopes, anger, frustration and job - that Mrs. Mock has met while her husband has been in the Army.

"What they felt was so ordinary I saw as moving and poignant moments that deserved to be shared," Mrs. Mock said. "One such moment was while I was on a walk, watching a neighbor carefully kiss and hold the letter to her husband one last time before sliding the decorated envelope through the mail slot. These are real life moments of this time of war unseen beyond the post gates."

The book tells the stories of 20 wives who come from various backgrounds and were married, engaged or seriously dating Soldiers of all ranks, jobs and aspirations. Mrs. Mock's own story concludes the book.

Mrs. Mock said by writing the book, she hoped to help military wives find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

"I want them to read it and know that the feelings, their experiences are okay," she said. "It is okay to be depressed and frustrated at times. It is okay to support your husband and what he does."

She also hoped to bridge the gap between the military and civilian readers.

"It is a way of intercultural communication, a way to express and clear up misconceptions about the military life," Mrs. Mock said. "It's also a way to let people know during this time of war what it's like to be a military wife."

Mrs. Mock and her husband have been married three years and have a daughter,
Ellie. Writing has always been a creative outlet for her said, though she said this book carried particular meaning.

"On a very personal level this book has affected the Army wife that I am today," she said. "I carry a piece of them and their stories through every moment while I am away from my husband and raising our child in the absence of her father. They taught me so much of what it means to be an Army wife with grace."

For more information, visit <a href="http://www.janellemock.com"target=_blank> www.janellemock</a>. A portion of the book's proceeds are donated to the Fisher House Organization.

(Anna Staatz writes for the Fort Riley "Post.")

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