FORT JACKSON, SC -- Fort Jackson is about to go through a name change. The installation will soon be renamed as an Army Training Center.
Effective Friday Oct. 1, Fort Jackson will no longer be known as the Basic Combat Training Center of Excellence.

"You'll see some changes on the signs, but in terms of our mission, it will not change," said Col. Craig Currey, deputy commanding officer. "We are still going to be doing what we have since 1917 and that is training Soldiers."

The name change stems from the formation of an Initial Military Training Center of Excellence at Fort Eustis, Va. by Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, chief of Initial Military Training for TRADOC, which encompasses both BCT and Advanced Individual Training.

"It didn't make sense to have a BCT Center of Excellence when Lt. Gen. Hertling is controlling that at Fort Eustis," Currey said. "Most of this will be transparent to the folks at Fort Jackson. There will be no change in mission for anyone."

Fort Jackson was named the USABCToE in 2007. Before that, the installation was known as an Army Training Center.

A headquarters and headquarters company will be activated to support the Fort Jackson Army Training Center. A ceremony for the activation is slated for 10 a.m., Oct. 1 at the 120th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception) Chapel.

"We are going to provide the services for the general staff of the U.S. Army Training Center at Fort Jackson," said Master Sgt. Michael Coleman, HHC ATC first sergeant.
Only a few signs will need to be changed, including those at Hilton and Darby fields and outside some of the gates.

"The bottom line is on Oct. 1, life will go on at Fort Jackson," Currey said. "Fort Jackson is driving on and continuing to train Soldiers."

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