Potholing around Presidio of Monterey
PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - Directorate of Public Works contractors look for utlilty lines on the Presidio of Monterey. Contractors have to see the lines and where they lead to either use for future construction projects, or to ensure new utility lines do not impede the exisiting lines.

PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - The Presidio of Monterey community will see contractors along Pvt. Bolio Street and Kit Carson Road throughout the summer potholing to find utility, sewer and water lines for the new general instruction buildings here.

Directorate of Public Works project manager Will Meyer said the potholing is necessary to find and identify the lines for use or to ensure current projects do not damage the existing lines.

The schedule for locations and approximate dates are as follows:

Aca,!Ac Private Bolio Street and Lawton Road in front of Bldg. 610 bus stop, Aug.2 to Aug. 5.

Aca,!Ac Private Bolio Street and Lawton Road, Aug. 9 to Aug.11.

Aca,!Ac Kit Carson Road near existing lay down yard, Aug. 12 to Aug.17.

Aca,!Ac Kit Carson Road and Corporal Church Road, Aug. 18 to Aug.23.

Aca,!Ac Kit Carson Road and Army Street, Aug. 24 to Aug.30.

Aca,!Ac Kit Carson Road and Fitch Avenue, Aug. 31 to Sep.2. Aca,!Ac Kit Carson Road south of Stilwell Road, Sep. 6 to Sep13.

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