<b>FORT STEWART, Ga.</b> - For the final installment of our seven week budget article series, I want to focus on how Army Communities of Excellence funding benefits our installation.

Garrisons worldwide competed to win the ACOE prize in 2009. There was one gold winner receiving $1 million, two silver winners receiving $500,000 each and three bronze winners receiving $250,000 each. Garrisons were judged using the Malcolm Baldridge criteria, measuring continuous improvement and organizational effectiveness. Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield was the gold winner, just as we were in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

In 2007 and 2008, Stewart-Hunter was unable to compete after winning three years in a row. For winning the 2009 ACOE competition, the Army sent the installation $1 million of FY10 appropriated funds in October 2009. That funding must be spent (obligated) before Sept. 30.

The Garrison Commander received suggestions on how to spend the $1 million from the workforce, customer comments through ICE and other listening posts and focus groups. It is being spent on the following projects at Stewart and Hunter that benefit the community as a whole:

Aca,!Ac Expand the existing children's spray park in the Corkan Recreation Area at Fort Stewart.
Aca,!Ac Additional paved running/walking trails at Hunter Army Airfield.
Aca,!Ac Large electronic media billboards at both Stewart and Hunter for better community information.
Aca,!Ac A dog exercise park at Fort Stewart near Holbrook pond where dogs can run leash free.
Aca,!Ac Digital hymn players and worship DVD/CDs for both Stewart and Hunter chapels.

In 2011, the Army will allow Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield to compete again in the ACOE competition. The Installation will once again "go for the gold" and prove that we are the Army's best installation to live, work, train and raise a Family. Another win will also come with another money prize that we can use for more projects that will improve the community.

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