Senior NCOs learn from dirst sergeants
Senior noncommissioned officers from 1st Advise and Assist Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, listen to a presentation during a first sergeant preparatory course on Contingency Operating Station Falcon June 9. The course allowed them to meet and ask questions of the different operational sections throughout the brigade so they have a better idea what is available to their Soldiers after becoming a first sergeant.

BAGHDAD (Army News Service, June 17, 2010) -- Senior enlisted noncommissioned officers with 1st Advise and Assist Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, attended a first sergeant training course on Contingency Operating Station Falcon, June 9.

The course provided an opportunity for them to talk directly with Soldiers in different operational sections across the brigade and take a more in-depth look at the responsibilities they will have once becoming first sergeants.

Newly promoted first sergeants frequently are thrown into the position without much guidance, said 1st Sgt. Kenneth Hayes, from 5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment. By offering a class such as this, they are able to receive information from the sections they will be working with by the people they will see every day.

"Now they have a name and a face to associate with the information directly put out to them," said Hayes. "[The other benefit is] they are sitting in an environment with other first sergeants they are going to be battle buddies with across the brigade."

Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth Gamblin, of the brigade plans section at headquarters company, 1st AA Bde., 3rd Inf. Div., said the best part of the course was the small group environment and having the people from the sections right there so he could more easily ask questions.

"I took the same course at Fort Stewart," Gamblin said. "We didn't have all that one-on-one time that I got with this smaller class, especially with (personnel) and legal. It was a huge help because there were lots of little things we were able to discuss, and whatever I didn't ask, the guy to the right or left of me did. I was able to learn a lot of little details that are going to help me take care of my Soldiers."

(Pvt. Emily Knitter works with the 1st AA Bde., 3rd Inf. Div. public affairs.)

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