BAGHDAD, Oct. 23, 2006 - Multi-National Division - Baghdad soldiers conducted a humanitarian aid mission Oct. 13 in Baghdad's Karkh district.

The soldiers from Troop A, 4th Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, delivered 75 generators to the district's educational headquarters for use in 60 neighborhood schools.
oods, where soldiers talk with area residents and key officials to identify terrorist suspects and also find out how they can be of assistance to the residents of the area, said Tiernan.

"People don't know what to expect from soldiers, so that's why you have to get out - meet with residents and leaders to let them know you're trying to help," he said.

"A lot of neighborhoods are very supportive," said Tiernan. "Kids come up to us and shake our hands."

Residents of the city council said they were impressed with the way soldiers pitched in to help meet basic needs.

"This is not the first time Coalition Forces have given us gifts," said a grateful Abdul Satar al Robeai, chairman, Karkh city council. "This is part of a graduated giving of help to the schools and the neighborhoods since 2003.

"This (generators) will help the pupils and teachers have electricity for their schools," added al Robeai.

Coalition Forces have also assisted with the construction of new schools and have repaired damage caused to existing school buildings by terrorists, which has strengthened the relationship between soldiers and the people of the area, said al Robeai.

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