<b>FORT STEWART, Ga. </b>- Installation Management Command recently unveiled both its campaign plan outlining how every Soldier, Family Member, and Civilian plays a vital role in supporting our nation's warriors and a new IMCOM logo.

The plan is a living document that focuses on six areas, or "lines of effort:" Soldier, Family and Civilian Readiness; Soldier, Family and Civilian Well Being; Leader and Workforce Development; Installation Readiness; Safety; and Energy Efficiency and Security. The new IMCOM brand showcases the installations importance as the Army's home.

"All agencies and directorates will integrate these lines of effort in their operations and implement the IMCOM strategy," said Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander Col. Kevin Milton.

The new logo, developed to coincide with the 2010-2017 Installation Management Campaign Plan rollout and to run in conjunction with the IMCOM emblem, is representative of the four major facets of Army community life: stewardship, readiness, facilities and Families, said chief of Strategic Communications of Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management/IMCOM Kathy Aydt.

"You have the green with the tree which symbolizes our stewardship," she said. "You have the flag at the top that symbolizes our readiness in support of the Army. You see the facilities, the structures which represent the infrastructure that we're responsible for and of course you see the Family grouping at the bottom. You may note that you can't tell who are Soldiers, or if there are Soldiers there...we also have a large civilian workforce that is very important to us. In this day and age not only Soldiers deploy but [so do] civilians. Those things were intentionally built into this logo, and probably on some level it's why it has such a wide appeal."

The campaign plan will deliver sustainable installation communities that ensure a mission-ready Army by empower strong Soldiers and resilient Families, Col. Milton said. The first priority is to ensure Soldiers and Army Civilians are ready to answer the nation's call.

"Here at Stewart-Hunter, we will implement the plan by developing and sustaining programs, services and capabilities that meet the needs of our Senior Commander to ensure that the 3rd ID and our tenant units are trained and ready forces," he said. "Our Families resiliency will be strengthened under the plan. We will support the readiness needs of the units that call Stewart-Hunter home so we can ensure they can win the current fight and be prepared for the next."

Hand-in-hand with empowerment is well being. This line of effort focuses on renewing community relations to ensure high quality of life for Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians.

"We are blessed with the finest neighbors possible here at Stewart-Hunter," Col. Milton said. "The Army Community Covenant is alive and well here. This line of effort for us is simply a recommitment to what is already true, that love and support flows freely onto our installation from outside the gates."

Additionally, well being efforts will standardize and fund existing Family programs and services and ensure that the Army Family Covenant continues to provide for all Soldiers - single or married - and Families.

Leader and workforce development is vital to the plans' success because professional leaders leading a talented and motivated workforce will successfully execute the mission, Col. Milton said.

"Our primary objective is to build and sustain a cadre of agile and adaptable leaders and a multi-skilled workforce committed to delivering quality services to our Army community," he said.

Workforce development rolls into installation readiness, which touches on the energy, sustainability, and cost culture lines of effort, Col. Milton said.

"Installation readiness is all about sustaining resources and streamlining processes," he said. "We will manage installation facilities and support services to meet the needs of generating and operating forces and other organizations' needs within the limits of our resources."

The final line of effort - Safety - proactively and aggressively ensures the safe and secure installations for Soldiers, Families and Civilians by making safety everyone's responsibility.

"We have an inherent obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment for our Army Family," Col. Milton said. "We are firmly committed to a growing culture of safety awareness that pervades our daily operations and activities, both on and off Stewart-Hunter, and which guide our actions at all times."

Editor's note: Information for this article was taken from:
www.army.mil/-news/2010/04/08/37010-new-imcom-logo-to-illustrate- 2010-2017-campaign-plan/

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