WASHINGTON (Army News Service, May 12, 2010) -- First lady Michelle Obama today announced a new 90-day review to develop a coordinated federal government-wide approach to supporting and engaging military families.

The first lady made the announcement during an address to the National Military Family Association's summit in Washington, D.C., May 12.

"With just one percent of our population -- our troops -- doing 100 percent of the fighting, our military families are being tested like never before," said first lady Michelle Obama. "This government-wide review will bring together the resources of the federal government, identify new opportunities across the public and private sectors, and lay the foundation for a coordinated approach to supporting and engaging military families for years to come."

The review will seek to coordinate efforts of federal agencies in supporting service members and their families.

Specifically, the review will:

• Set strategic military family priorities for the next 10 years and identify key military family concerns and challenges

• Review a cross section of public and private programs to identify the most promising ideas and programs that positively support military families

• Develop options for departments to integrate military family matters into their strategic and budgetary priorities

• Examine opportunities for federal policies and programs to stimulate new, and support existing state and local efforts achieving military family readiness goals and meeting military family priorities

• Identify opportunities to leverage the skills and experience of military family members in national and community life

• Strengthen existing feedback mechanisms for military families to voice their concerns and views on the effectiveness and future direction of relevant federal programs and policies

It is hoped that these combined national efforts will help ensure that the military can continue to recruit high caliber volunteers, maintain family readiness, and help family members achieve success in their own careers. Organizers also hope the initiative will increase understating and support of military families.

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