Drug sniffing dogs hit the streets of ANAD
Sgt. Andre Voss with the 209th Military Police Detachment, Fort Benning, Ga., and his K9 partner, Odetta, search a vehicle at Anniston Army Depot.

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - The Directorate of Emergency Services has new weapons in the battle against drugs and explosives on Anniston Army Depot - the military working dogs who visited the installation the week of April 12.

In a partnership with the 209th Military Police Detachment, Fort Benning, Ga., DES has scheduled multiple visits throughout this calendar year.

"Fort Benning has both narcotic- and explosive-trained K9 teams available for our use," said Robert Ray, deputy director of DES. "K9 units are an integral part of our law enforcement operation and, since we didn't have organic assets, it was imperative we reach out to other military installations for support. We use these K9 teams as a part of our force protection mission and our illegal drug enforcement missions."

According to Ray, military working dogs are in high demand throughout the world and the depot is fortunate to have Fort Benning's support in this endeavor.

The dogs will come to the depot without warning and will perform searches of randomly selected vehicles and work sites throughout the installation in an effort to continually provide a drug-free and safe environment. Each visit will last an indeterminate amount of time - the dogs and their handlers could visit for a day or longer.

According to Tad Carter, a member of the Special Reaction Team, the dogs can smell if drugs have been used in a vehicle even if there are no illegal substances present at the time of the search. This is due to residual effects of the drugs, which can last for quite some time.

The dogs are only one of the tools used by DES to keep drugs off the depot. Another is the workforce, and DES encourages anyone who suspects drug use to call Ext. 6222 and report it.

"We can't be everywhere at all times and we must rely on the employees of the depot to assist with tips and other information," said Carter.

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