Director of Army Safety visits Fort Carson, Colo.
Brig. Gen. William T. Wolf, Director of Army Safety and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center, addresses safety leaders during a visit to Fort Carson, Colo., Feb. 18.

FORT CARSON, Colo. - Director of Army Safety Brig. Gen. William Wolf, commanding general of the U.S. Army Combat Readiness / Safety Center, visited Fort Carson to meet with leaders and unit safety representatives Feb. 18.

Wolf, who travels to Army installations meeting with commanders and unit safety officers approximately 23 days out of every month, stressed to Mountain Post leaders that they are making a difference in keeping Soldiers safe.

"There is little we can do at Fort Rucker, we need your help" he said.

The Army Safety Director said that off-duty POV accidents were the largest cause of accidental fatalities in fiscal year 2009.

"When we take a holistic look at Soldier fatalities, we are losing Soldiers in accidents every 65 hours from non-combat deaths," said Wolf. "Out of the 173 accidental military fatalities in fiscal year 2009 two-thirds involved privately owned vehicles. POVs are our biggest challenge."

At Fort Carson, 53 percent of vehicle accidents occur during the day and 75 percent of vehicle accidents occur off duty, according to Paul Burns, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson safety officer. All of the post's accidental fatalities for the past two years have been POV related, Burns added.

"Soldiers understand clearly the band of brothers and sisters and taking care of each other when they're wearing this tribal uniform," Wolf said. "What the challenge is, is carrying that over to off-duty. That same band of brothers and sisters think nothing of getting in a vehicle on a Friday/Saturday night after drinking, not buckling up and driving down the highway at a high-rate of speed.

"I don't have the silver bullet," Wolf continued. "It comes down to the leadership; it's up to you to make a difference."

Burns agreed stressing the important role leaders play in keeping their Soldiers safe in every situation.

"Be in your Soldiers' activities, enforce the standards, and put heart into your mission," he said.

Wolf asked for the help of Fort Carson Soldiers to curb the number of off-duty fatalities. He said so far in FY10 the numbers of Army accidental fatalities are down in relation to the same time last year.

The Army Safety Director asked leaders to have the family readiness leaders encourage Family members to visit the safety Web site at, and take part in the Family Engagement initiative.

"We need to ensure that the Family members are aware of the risks that are out there as well," said Wolf.

Wolf closed with the motto; "Army Safe is Strong" and urged leaders to utilize the safety Web site and have their Soldiers do the same.

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