On March 25, the new list of Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills was released. The changes were met with unanimous approval from commanders Army-wide.

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command released the Army's new Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, and the Critical Individual Supporting Task List elaborating on those tasks and battle drills, March 25.

A PDF document with the new information can be downloaded by clicking <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>, or from the "What's Hot" list on the <a href="" target="_blank">Army Training Network</a> homepage.

The information is accessed using one's Army Knowledge Online (AKO) password or Common Access Card (CAC) login.

The last major overhaul of the tasks and battle drills was 2005, although the number of tasks and drills has evolved in response to lessons-learned from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We now have a list which has been unanimously approved by all Army commands universally," said Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, TRADOC's deputy commanding general for Initial Military Training (IMT). "Some of old tasks and drills introduced in basic training were not relevant - they were not things most Soldiers would use at any point in their careers. They'd see it one time and then never see it again."

The old tasks and drills list were organized under headings such as "shoot," "communicate," "urban operations," and "move and fight," and contained roughly 32 tasks, 207 subtasks and 12 battle drills.

The new list is streamlined, with 15 tasks, 76 subtasks and four battle drills, organized under the headings "shoot," "move," "communicate," and "survive and adapt."

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