FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Fowery dresses, tea and tiaras make for a perfect girls' day out. Mothers and daughters gathered at the 10th annual Armed Services YMCA Mother/Daughter Tea and Fashion Show on Sunday. According to Lynne Grates, the executive director of ASYMCA, this event is for mothers and daughters to spend quality time together while relaxing and meeting other mothers and daughters around the Fort Bragg community.

Jamie Puckett, attended the event with her 7-year-old daughter, Harley, and said she enjoyed the one-on-one time they were offered.

"Having two little brothers at home ... this is a treat for Harley to get away."

"Getting away" seemed to be the census of all the mothers and daughters. Many of the mothers admitted that they didn't get much time to spend quality time with their daughters without life interfering.

Getting ready and dressing up for the event was a major factor in the time spent amongst the mothers and daughters as well.

"I'm totally in my element here; the whole tea party and dressing up," said Zahary Escandon, who brought her 3-year-old daughter, Kyara, to the event.

The big hit of the event was the fashion show where all the girls got a chance to walk down the "catwalk" strutting their stuff, showing off all the hard work that went into getting them ready for the special tea party. Kyara, who wore a yellow silk dress with a tiara in her curled hair, blew a kiss to the audience as she walked down the "catwalk" during the fashion show.

"I got a new dress for the tea party and spent about an hour getting ready," said Regan Walker, 11, said just before the show. "It's an amazing day; a great opportunity to help the military Families spend time together."

Regan attended the event with her sisters and her mother, Kelli. Andrea Tebbe invited her grandmother, Vivian Williamson and her daughter, Page, to the tea party. Williamson, who just celebrated her 84th birthday in February, was in town on vacation from Ohio and said she enjoyed the time spent with her Family. Page said her favorite part was getting away from the silliness of boys and getting to dress up.

After the event, Tebbe and her guest headed to the mall to indulge in a much needed shopping spree.

"It's always good to have girl time," Tebbe said.

Tea and fashion were two high priorities on the agenda, but most importantly daughters got the chance to bond with their mothers.

"Just today, my girls asked me what my job was. I told them that being their mom is my job," said Sara McCartney.

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